Top Tips for Improving Your Triathlon Run

It’s the first Tuesday of the month again.  April went by in a blur for me and I didn’t have the chance to linkup for Tri Talk Tuesday, but I’m not missing out this month.  I’m linking up with Transition Workout 1, The Tri Girl Chronicles, and Brick Workouts for Any Triathlon Distance to talk about ways to improve your swim.

tritalktuesday Running during a triathlon is obviously much different than running on fresh legs for a 10K, half marathon, or marathon.  Coming off the bike you’re fatigued and your legs feel like jello.

Triathletes really are a mixed bag when it comes to running.  Some triathletes are runners first and became triathletes for a new challenge.  Other triathletes are were drawn to this endurance sport because it doesn’t have to require a ton of running.  Both groups are likely to not devote enough time or practice to the run portion.

Keep doing run workouts.  When training in three difference disciplines it can be easy to let one of the slack.  If you’ve just come off a season of half marathons or full marathons it can be easy to assume that you will have no problem completing a sorter distance.  This may be somewhat true but if you slack off too much come race day you will be struggling.

Do some runs in the heat.  I know that this can be uncomfortable and it’s probably not the best idea to do it all the time but if you want to simulate how you will feel on race day I recommend it.  Most triathlons take place in warmer months and even though the race starts at 7am, with lots of athletes and waved starts it can be hours before you start running and the temperature can raise significantly in that time.  Running in the heat will also help you to practice proper hydration techniques for race day.

Transition/Brick Workouts. Most triathletes have heard of brick workouts but I think far less have heard of the concept of transition workouts.  A bike run brick workout is where you do a full bike workout and then a full running workout, you only make the switch between biking and running once, whereas with a transition workout you switch back and forth between biking and running several times.  A transition workout is suppose to help muscle memory far more than a brickwork and can be a really useful tool in improving your run.

Below are an example transition workout and brick workout.

Brick Workouts for Any Triathlon Distance

Brick Workouts for Any Triathlon Distance

Strength Training.  I know I probably sound like a broken record but having strengthen the muscles that you use for biking and/or running will have you to be less fatigued, making the transition from the bike to the run easier and giving you the endurance to finish strong.

What tips do you have to improve the run portion on triathlons?


Friday Five: 5 Blogs to Love

I’m soooo happy it’s Friday.  This week has been really long and I super exhausted.  Today, I’m linking up with You Signed Up for WhatYou Signed Up for What and Mar on the Run and we’re talking about five blogs to love.

I love reading blogs and I find so much inspiration from all of them.  The enjoyment I got out of reading other people’s blogs is what pushed me to start my own blog.  These are just 5 blogs of the various blogs that I read on a regular bases.  I hope that I’m able to introduce you to someone new! Continue reading


B&A Trail Half Marathon Race Recap

A recap of the B&A Trail Half Marathon.  I hadn’t raced a half marathon in almost a year and half.  Read on to hear about the great, the good, and the just ok. 


I hadn’t run a race in a long time. You name the excuse, I had it. First I just wanted to focus on triathlons. Then I was saving money. Then I was waiting until a time when I could train properly and nothing was lining up. If I couldn’t PR, what was the point in running it? Then I realized that I was moving away from the entire reason I started running. To challenge myself and to finish with a smile on my face. Finally I felt like if I didn’t sign up for a race soon that I would never be back into distance running shape.

About a month and a half ago, I decided to run the B&A Trail Half Marathon that is hosted by the Annapolis Striders.  I like the idea of doing a smaller race for my first race back. The fact that this race also has a marathon running at the same time so there really are no time restrictions on the course was also appealing to me because I had done so little training, I didn’t know if I was going to have to crawl to the finish line.

So now that you know where I was coming from, on to the race recap!

Over all this race was pretty awesome, I don’t know if was getting back that runners high again, but I really can’t say anything too negative (bad or ugly) about this race.

The Great

  • The race expo was great.  It was easy to park at the high school where it was located and to pick up your packet.  There had probably about 6 or 7 vendors there which I thought was nice considering it was a small race.  Also most of the vendors had pretty good deals on there stuff.  I got a part of compression leggings for about $40 (normally there $80 or more).
  • The post race food was exceptional.  There were so many options from the normal bananas and bagels to hot food like rice and beans.  The post race food area was inside the cafeteria which was nice because it was warm inside and they had tables to sit down and eat at.  Also, if you wanted to wait around you could get a free message.
  • The course support awesome.  They had volunteers and police at any of the places where a road intersected the trail to control traffic.  Considering that a trail can be a bit remote, they had several aid stations that even included port-o-potties.
  • The race premium was a nice long sleeve technical shirt, which for the cost of the race and the time of the year it was being held was above the usual.

The Good

  • I really liked the race course for the most part.  The B&A trail is pretty flat and scenic.  I like running this trail when I’m trailing but it was much more exciting running on it with so many other people.  The first two miles of the course were on residential roads which helped to spread out the runners so that it never felt crowded on the narrower trail.  The only part that I disliked about the course was the “lollipop” section at the turn around point.  It was the most mentally taxing portion of the race because I kept thing “we have to turn around soon,” but it took longer than I expected to loop back, in addition this was also the spot of the only hill on the course.

The Just OK

  • The website for the race and the site for the Annapolis Striders is not the best.  They basically had a PDF posted with the race information and didn’t update it much.  They didn’t send out any sort of email update prior to the event and they had very little social media presence, so if there had to be unexpected change in race plans, I don’t know how they would have disseminated that information.  All that being said, I do understand that this race wasn’t run my a for profit company which have employees dedicated to keeping up their websites and social media.  The PDF had all the information I needed for the race, I just think keeping the Facebook event more updated be extremely helpful in the future.
  • Going off the bullet above, the was no dissemination of where the results of the race are being listed.  The only way I found my official results was through finding a comment on the Facebook event. I don’t know if I missed this info somewhere else but I think that it should be in multiple places.

I would highly recommend this race to other local runners and even to someone coming from out of town that doesn’t want to deal with a crowds at a large race.  This race gives you a lot of bang for your buck.  If you register before before January 1st the cost for the half is $60 and for the marathon is $70.

My Performance

I would classify my performance as “the good,” I tried not to go out to fast knowing that I would have to go for 13.1 miles.  I feel like I did a pretty good job of staying around the 10 minute per mile mark.  I forgot to bring any sort of energy chew for during the race so that contributed to me fading out a bit at the end.  My last two miles were definitely the worst of the race (probably about 11ish minutes per mile).  In the end I completed the half in 2:16:51 for an average pace of 10:27 per mile.  I’m REALLY happy with this time considering that the longest run I did leading up to this race was 7 miles.  I feel like I have my mojo back and that I’m ready to take on the challenge or really training again.  Now just to figure out what my next race should be…

QOTD: Did you run any races this weekend? If so, which one?


About My Bloystaycation and Weekend Update

Happy Monday!  I had quite the exciting weekend between participating in my first ever blog staycation and running a half marathon.  This is also the first time ever that I’m linking up with Tara at Running ‘N Reading for her weekend update.


I found out about blog staycation through The Lean Green’s weekly Monday post call Bean Bytes.  The idea is that by having a “staycation” to focus on your blog you can tackle your blog to do list.  The hosts of the blog satiation also helped the bloggers to connect through a Facebook group.  Bloggers shared their experience and resources through Facebook chats and twitter chats.

The staycation was a really positive experience for me.  I feel like a got a couple of key things done and I learned a lot from the other bloggers.  While I crossed some things off my to do list, I also added a tone more things.  During the staycation I participated in my first ever twitter chat; the chat was a bit overwhelming but I learned that it is an awesome way to connect with others in real time instead of just waiting for them to comment on your blog posts.

I highly recommend that other bloggers participate in the next staycation (I believe it will be in the summer), I know I will be there!

Friday: This was the first night that I could devote to the blogstaycation.  The night was especially great because the hubby was volunteering at the firehouse so I had complete alone time to focus on my blog.  I was able to add pretty social media buttons to my page as well as configure a plug-in that puts my signature at the bottom of every post.



Saturday: I didn’t get much done on the blog that day expect for planning out some topics for up coming posts.  The hubby also fixed up some problems I was having with my wordpress theme.

Sunday: In the morning I ran a half marathon (race recap coming tomorrow).  This was my first half in about a year and half, so I was super nervous, but it went pretty well.  After that I came home, shower, put on compression pants and socks, and then laid down in bed to recover.  The rest of the day was mostly a lazy day but I did bake a ham and pineapple casserole for dinner.

QOTD: How was your weekend?


Five Spring Eats

It’s Friday!!! It has been a really long week and I had already felt like I needed a weekend after the long weekend I spent with friends in Nashville.

Today I’m linking up with Eat Pray Run, DCEat Pray Run, DC and Mar on the Run; the theme for today is 5 favorite springtime foods.

1. Strawberries: These babies are by far my favorite fruit.  The are so versatile.  I love how satisfying strawberries can be as dessert.


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Top 5 Quinoa Recipes

When I first started eating healthy and cooking for myself four years ago, an ingredient that kept popping up in recipes was quinoa.  I was skeptical at first but now I consider it to be a staple in my diet.  I love it so much that I have a whole Eat Yourself Skinny dedicated to it.

Even though quinoa has been listed on tons of “super food” lists and is popping up at restaurants across the country, many people still don’t know what the heck is quinoa. I loved this bud light commercial…

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5 Photos I Love of Me and My Honey

Happy day before Valentine’s Day.  I’m really not that big on buying gifts and stuff for Valentine’s Day, but I do like the idea of having a special day to tell special people in your life how much they mean to you.

Today I’m linking up with grow your blog, blog hopgrow your blog, blog hop and Mar on the Run; the topic they chose for this week’s link is It’s All About the Love.  I don’t share a lot of personal photos on my blog because I usually don’t have it together enough to include photos in my posts.  Since I have a bunch of new people reading my blog for the first time this month through the grow your blog, blog hop, I decided I would share a little bit more about myself and my life through posting my 5 photos I love of my and my hubby.  

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My New Running Playlist

I haven’t been too excited to get out and run recently, and I figure out that one of the reasons may be my music selection.  I think it’s been like 2 years since I’ve updated my playlist (I have no explanation for this other than laziness).  I decided to create a new playlist with some more current top 40 hits than what I was listening to; I’m already more excited to go out for a run. Continue reading